One Person/Multiple Careers - Alboher

One Person/Multiple Careers - Alboher


One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success
By Marci Alboher

"Are you a "slash"? With technology giving us the ability to work from anywhere and the nine-to-five grind becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are building careers filled with slashes. 
From lawyer/chefs to police officer/personal trainers to mom/CEOs, these creative thinkers have discovered the antidote to boredom, burnout, job insecurity, and many other workplace woes. Filled with the stories of scores of those who have achieved financial and career success with "The Slash Effect," ONE PERSON/MULTIPLE CAREERS will show you how to:

  • Balance multiple careers without feeling overworked, and still have time for friends and family
  • Prepare a résumé, bio, or Web site that best presents your unique and varied talents
  • Use your current career to help you cultivate slashes
  • Negotiate a customized work arrangement with employers."

    ISBN: 978-0446696975
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